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Informing Your Guests

It is obviously important to let your guests know that Wedding Presents Direct is holding your wedding list, and to explain how they can select and purchase a present. The widespread acceptance of a centrally-held list has long since removed any awkwardness felt in years gone by, and we can suggest two equally effective ways of informing your guests.

The method chosen by the vast majority of couples today, is a simple card slipped into the wedding invitation. We supply neatly designed cards that give the guests the information they need.

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Alternatively, you may be planning to enclose a selection of information with your wedding invitations, including maps and notes on places to stay. A short sentence informing guests that your wedding list is held by Wedding Presents Direct and adding our website address and Hungerford telephone number works very well when included with this information. We are happy to help with the wording of this should you require it.

Telephone: 01488 662100