Customer Service

Customer Service

Essentially, the Wedding Presents Direct service is extremely simple.

First, we help you create your wedding list. Then we manage the list on your behalf, taking instructions from guests who wish to purchase presents for you, keeping you updated on their choices, ordering the items from our suppliers, monitoring their quality on arrival, and arranging storage or delivery to you as required.

But these bare facts do not convey the sheer pleasure of visiting one of our showrooms. Nor the enthusiasm and encyclopaedic knowledge of our team, who are on hand to help you choose.

Both of our specially built showrooms house a vast selection of samples, as well as a library of catalogues and brochures collected together from our suppliers throughout the world. The combination is an intoxicating array of old and new, of practical and fun, that provides a breadth of choice that is hard to match.

With our friendly guidance, you do more than just avoid ìmultiple toaster syndromeî. Like many couples, you may already possess the practical essentials for a home, and would prefer to receive presents which will be treasured as lasting reminders of the givers. Wedding Presents Direct assists you in finding the perfect suggestions, and then makes it easy for your guests to purchase presents that you will appreciate long into the future.