About Us

About Us

Welcome to Wedding Presents Direct, where choosing the presents for your future life together is designed to be a hugely enjoyable and exciting experience.

Established in 1994, Wedding Presents Direct has expanded through word-of-mouth recommendations to become one of the best-known and most highly regarded wedding list specialists. Now that the concept of a centrally-held wedding list has become so widely accepted, there are many places, including major department stores and independent providers like ourselves eager for your custom. However, we believe that nowhere else will you and your guests find such a warmly personal and reassuringly efficient service.

Combining traditional values and modern technology, we have created a particularly congenial environment in which to compile your wedding list. A task which could too easily prove tedious or stressful becomes positive fun! And once your list is set up, you can leave everything in our capable hands, confident that your guests' wishes will be met with courtesy and care while you focus on your other wedding preparations.

Does this pleasure come at a price? Absolutely not. Our entire service is completely free of charge.

James Dundas, Partner